Third Generation joins the Family Business

Coleman & Company (Plant Hire) Ltd. was admitted as Members of The National Federation of Demolition Contractors, in 1991, (the N.F.D.C.) recognised as “The Voice of the Demolition Industry”. Then in 2000 I was voted to be Midland & Welsh Region Vice Chairman, a position that was to last for two years before progressing to Chairman for two years and then finally to be Council Representative for two years. At the second meeting as Vice Chair, I was informed that the Chairs Company had gone into Administration and therefore I was to be Acting Chairman for twenty months when I would then become Regional Chair. The six year period was informative and enjoyable. I actively represented the N.F.D.C. on committees with H.S.E., D.E.F.R.A., W.R.A.P., local Regional Sub Committees and Working Parties.

NFDC Chairman David Coleman

It was both a pleasure and a privilege to be a Chairman at the NFDC

We won a Tender from Birmingham City Council, in late 1992, for the industrial demolition and remediation of the old derelict King Dick Spanner Works, Tyseley, as overgrowth was being cleared of briars and general debris, our trained and vigilant supervisor noted a number of very old rusted drums, full of liquid, some of the drums had the tops rotted through. The area was immediately quarantined as out of bounds to everyone; chemists soon identified the contents of the drums as neat cyanide and arsenic. We stopped work until all toxins had been removed, the City was grateful as a less careful or competent contractor could have caused a fatality and /or an expensive and major environmental cleanup, as no one was aware of the existence of the hidden, undisturbed potent cocktail, it was, after all, part of the service that we offer.

mark and joining C&C picture

My eldest son, Mark Coleman, during his formative years at Coleman & Company

On completion his full time education, then trying other forms of occupation, my eldest son, Mark Coleman began work with Henry Boot Construction Ltd., that period saw him develop to become very competent in Planning, Programming and Controlling Projects. Henry Boot introduced Mark to the C.I.O.B. (Chartered Institute of Building) as part of his Construction Training; he is now a full Member of this elite organisation. Mark Coleman joined the Company on 18th October 1993. Mark`s early days with the Company were difficult for both of us, each trying to understand the other. Mark trying to understand what gave people like me and my Father the drive and determination to do what we do and more importantly succeed! I was trying to answer his queries whilst incorporating some of his ideas into our business. As time progressed, we developed a good understanding of each other; we priced and planned work together. The day came when Mark had been successful in pricing and securing his first serious contract, to dismantle then remove a warehouse full of industrial racking and shelving, just like my Father I thought “he got it, let him carry on and do it”, a valuable experience for Mark, he soon realised that the credit value was not as he had envisaged, but he completed the works well, gaining valuable experience whilst building his confidence.

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