No one is an island

My family have been of tremendous support to me, I would not dream to take sole credit for all that has happened. My son Mark, having worked with me for nearly twenty years, has been “a pain in the butt”, an extra special friend, a reliable colleague, we have shared many highs and lows, he has been a support when needed, as I have to him, a mate to go to football with, to go boating or fishing, we developed a good honest and caring relationship that has been and is so special to both of us, as, indeed, I had with my father.  It is right and proper that he is now M.D. of an established demolition company that he has been instrumental in assisting with its development. I am sure that he will continue to be a credit to his Granddad and Grandmother as the years continue to roll along.


Everyone needs a hand from time to time…

My son Darren having been through University, achieving a PhD in Marketing, specialising in Company Branding and Image, creating and running his own enterprise, Wavelength Marketing Ltd., that is based in Birmingham, his name and work is becoming well known, both taking him to the far off shores of Dubai, Singapore, Taiwan and Asia. Like me, a keen Birmingham City Supporter, we have had many good times together, watching our beloved B.C.F.C. both home and away, we have spent much time with my “Mistress” in Torquay travelling to then enjoying many different ports and stop over’s, or indeed, not going anywhere, just enjoying our very special friendship.

My wife who has put up with the many out of hours phone calls and callouts, many broken holidays where I have had to return, due to emergency, or many holidays where I had been unable to accompany her and the boys. Where, in the early days we had so very little, because times were so hard. Austerity is not a new word, although, it has become much more common as the excesses of affluence is bought under control, we, like my parents, never knew what affluence was. I am sure that my parents would be extremely proud of what has risen out of the foundations that their initiative, blood, sweat and so many tears laid.

For some interesting stories and more background on my side of the family why not read the Coleman 50th Anniversary Book?

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