Welcome to Dave’s Demolition Diaries…..

During the process of creating the 50th Anniversary book I was set the task of writing the Foreword. The brief was fairly broad in terms of content but the word limit was clear… “about 300 words, or half a page should be fine Dave. Is that ok?” “Sure no problem. That’s fine” was my response.

Once I started writing the stories and memories came flooding back.  A few months later I had written nearer 30, 000 words (approximately 50 pages!) that contained industry anecdotes, jokes, insights and personal views.   When I spoke to family, friends and colleagues they all said it would be a shame to consign the content to the hard drive of my computer so Dave’s Demolition Diaries was born.

Coleman & Company’s Albert Road offices in 1962. Good welfare was a roof that didn’t leak back then. Times have changed….

As part of Coleman & Company’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, I have carefully crafted the 30,000 words into a series of bite size stories that I’ll share here over the next twelve months on a weekly basis.   I hope you enjoy them. If you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you. Better still if you have any photos or memories that my stories bring to mind I’d love to receive them. I’ll happily share them on my blog.

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4 Responses to Welcome to Dave’s Demolition Diaries…..

  1. Andrea Pronestì says:

    Egr. Mr. Coleman, my name is Andrea Pronesti, and I write from Polistena (ITALY). I am writing to them the warmest congratulations and wish you many more years of success and projects, I’m 30 years old and four I started my own business cutting and coring of concrete, I hope one day to celebrate the anniversary of the 50 years, and can be reached at his level. Sorry for my English.
    Best regards and good work.
    Andrea Pronesti

    • Bonjourno Andrea,

      Thank you for your email. It is a pleasure to hear from you. Yes, we’re very proud to have reached our 50th Anniversary. We look forward to other achievements and celebrations as we go forward.

      It’s good hear you are starting your own cutting and coring business. I wish you every success. What’s the name? I would love to review your website. We recently started a Specialist Cutting Division which is proving to be a good strategic move in terms of complementing our specialist demolition services.

      Once again, thanks for your kind words. It’s much appreciated. Stay in touch.

      Best Regards (Distinti saluti?)


  2. Hello David

    I would just like to send my congratulations on behalf of everyone at Finning UK. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, I only wish there had been more…..

    Congatulations again and see you soon


    Richard Carless
    Used Equipment Manager – Finning UK & Ireland

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for getting in touch and sending on your congratulations. Really good of you. Please doing business wit you too. You wish there had only been more….room to reduce the prices we ended up paying? extras you could have added into the deal. Yes, I completely understand!

      Stay in touch and once again thanks for your post.

      Best, Dave

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